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In addition to our Orthodontics specialty, we team with different dentistry specialists to treat those cases that require an interdisciplinary treatment.

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Optimal Hygienic Standards

We follow all international guidelines to keep you safe. Focusing in the patient's well being, our installation is outfitted with an equipment and instruments special sterilization area.

Dr. Enrique Moreno Escobar. Orthodontist.

Dr. Enrique Moreno Ortodoncista Nogales, México More than 20 years designing bright and healthy smiles.

Dental Surgeon "UANL". Postgraduate studies and Master in Orthodontics "UIC". Certified by the Mexican Board of Orthodontics. Mini-residence at the University of Washington and Mini-residence at the University of North Carolina. Member of: The World Federation of Orthodontists, The Latin American Association of Orthodontists, The American Association of Orthodontists, The Mexican Association of Orthodontics, The College of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics of Sonora, The Dental Association of Sonora A.C., The Dental College of Nogales A. C., Private Practice of Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics, Surgical Orthodontics, Cleft lip and Palate. Guest teacher at the Postgraduate studies of Orthodontics of the U.A.N.L.

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Radiologic and Digital Diagnosis Digital Photography, Orthodontics Lab. Brushing Area, Dental Armchair with Screen and Headphones, Network System for Medical and Dental Records, Check-in in the waiting room, reminders and confirmation of your appointments directly to your e-mail.